Another Judicial Review hearing next week


An important Judicial Review hearing to consider the decision by the Crown Prosecution Service not to prosecute former undercover police officer Jim Boyling in respect of his deceitful sexual relationship with an environmental activist will be heard on 13th and 14th November in the Royal Courts of Justice.

The claimant, granted anonymity by the Undercover Policing Inquiry, goes under the pseudonym of ‘Monica’ and was deceived into a relationship by Boyling in 1997.

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Legal challenge vs the Home Secretary refused permission

Today, three victims of undercover policing were dismayed to learn that that they have been denied permission to proceed with their Judicial Review against the Home Secretary’s decision not to appoint additional panel members to sit alongside Sir John Mitting in the first stages of the Undercover Policing Inquiry.i

Handing down judgement this morning, Mr Justice Supperstone ruled that there had been no material developments which required the Home Secretary to reconsider the decision.

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A State Of Lies – by Jennifer Francis

Today, another woman has called out the Metropolitan police for their exploitative actions against women affected by undercover policemen.

This time it’s Jennifer Francis, the ex-wife of undercover officer Peter Francis.

In this article Jennifer describes how the police viewed her as being ‘usable, abusable and disposable’; as ‘collateral damage’. The words echo those expressed by many of us deceived by undercover officers – many operating in the same unit as Jennifer’s ex-husband –  in their fake identities.

In solidarity with Jennifer Francis, PSOOL publishes her poem: a personal response that illustrates the painful clashing of private and public lives.

We share an experience of being manipulated, betrayed and abused by the state and will continue to fight for truth and justice together.

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Police fail to close down undercover relationship case following new revelations

Today in the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) [1], the police failed in their attempt to close down Kate Wilson’s [2] human rights claim [3] about secret political policing and her relationship with the undercover officer, Mark Kennedy.

This was the police’s fourth failed application to limit the extent of the IPT investigation. After seven years of litigation, they still haven’t answered the detailed claims made.

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