Belinda’s story

Belinda was involved in the case taken by the eight women. And was previously referred to as ‘Jenny’ or ‘Karen’. On 22 June 2013 she and another of the claimants, Helen, spoke out using their real names, in the hope of increasing public understanding of the nature and effects of the police abuse.

Belinda and Bob

Media coverage

Belinda in front of a Police spies out of lives screenOctober 23 2011 – The Guardian article that Belinda (as Jenny) appeared in was published.

November 6 2012 – Here is a transcript of a statement Belinda made explaining her experiences to a meeting held at the House of Commons.

If you quote any of the above accounts, for articles, blogs, or academic research, please let us know. Please respect that while these words appear in the public domain, they belong to people who have had their private lives profoundly abused. Thank you.


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