Legal Actions

The cases

We are supporting several different legal actions, which are listed below, and there are more we are in the process of taking on.  All of the legal actions involve individuals who each have their own life and their own story.  Some of the legal actions involve several individuals, and some hearings have brought together different cases.

Eight women case

It is important to note the following:
– These cases are not the only legal action concerning undercover policing in the UK.
– Some of the people we support are core participants in the Inquiry into undercover policing only and have chosen not to bring legal actions.
– There are many other people who have been affected by undercover policing, some of whom may never be able to bring cases or seek justice through the courts.

We extend our solidarity and sympathy to all those affected, and to  all those coming to terms with systematic abuse by the police. Police Spies Out of Lives makes no claim to act on behalf of, or speak  on behalf of, other people who have been affected by undercover  policing.

 Taking a stand to support the cases

The ongoing public discussion and media attention has prompted those involved with the cases to issue a clear statement outlining Where We Stand. As a support group for the case, Police Spies Out Of Lives is urging members of the public to sign up to the statement, and to take action on the issues.
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Beyond these cases
The case does not represent the full range of negative and problematic impacts of undercover policing, nor how the practice has interfered with the recognised vital rights to freedom of expression and association. While we are a support group for these cases only, we have briefly outlined further information on the following pages:

We are united in believing that every woman, and every person, has a right to participate in the struggle for social and environmental justice, without fear of persecution, objectification, or interference in their lives.
Where We Stand


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