Extend the inquiry

We are demanding a full and open inquiry into what has happened in undercover policing over the last 50 years.

We  are pleased that the public inquiry originally known as the Pitchford Inquiry was established to investigate undercover policing in England and Wales, but it does not go far enough.

Take action!

Spycops abroad
English undercover police have spent extensive parts of  their deployments taking part in political action outside England and  Wales. This must be investigated.

Corporate spying
There seems to a revolving door between undercover police units and private  security firms. It is precisely because corporations are not part of the police that their  role in undercover operations is so concerning, yet this is not currently part of any investigation. The activities of these firms, and their connections to undercover police must be fully and  openly examined.

“(A) concern is the way in which officers are pulled out of their undercover roles and yet still able to use the characters created for them after they leave the police. The character of Mark Stone was set up using all  the resources, training and back up of the Metropolitan Police and then, it is alleged, went on to be used for corporate profit. Mark  Kennedy claimed to the Home Affairs Select Committee in February 2013 that he had been working for the company Global Open at  the time that he was still part of our lives. What looks to us like a revolving door between the police and private companies needs to stop, and the inquiry must not ignore it. “ Kate Wilson & Lisa



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