Kate’s story

Kate was previously referred to as ‘Lily’. In Summer 2015 she started to speak out under her real name in the hope of  increasing public understanding of her experiences.

Kate is currently trying to hold the police to account over human rights abuses committed against her – read about this here

Kate recorded an account of the background to her story, the transcript of which can be read here.

In March 2015 she discovered that she remained the subject of intrusive, covert surveillance, finding a tracking device attached to her car whilst at a conference.  This incident is reported here.

An article authored by Kate and Lisa appeared in the Guardian on 28th July 2015.  It can be read here.

Kate took part in a presentation at the Chaos Communication Camp in Zehdenick, Germany, on 16th August 2015.  It can be watched here – she starts to speak from 13’40” into the recording.

Kate spoke at the COPS conference, ‘Voices of the Spied On’,21st February 2016. You can watch it here.



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