These cases concerns the deployments of officers who infiltrated social and environmental justice campaigns:

Bob Lambert

Andy Coles

John Dines

Mark Jenner

Jim Boyling

Mark Kennedy

Carlo Neri

Marco Jacobs

Mike Chitty

Matt Rayner

James Straven

Rob Harrison

Antony ‘Bobby’ Lewis

The deployments of these officers span well over 20 years, from Bob Lambert’s infiltration of several groups in the 1980s up to the unmasking of Mark Kennedy in October 2010. The time span of the abuse, and the high number of officers involved (including further officers), completely undermines any suggestion that this was a matter of individual police officers ‘going rogue’.

There are no circumstances in which it would be acceptable for an undercover police officer to engage in intimate relationships with either targets or with members of the public under the guise of their undercover identity.
– from Where We Stand

While the officers are individually guilty of immoral conduct, the command structures (and those who head them) must take responsibility for the abuse committed by their officers. At best, these command structures turned a blind eye, and at worst, they instigated and perpetuated an institutional prejudice against women and against social and environmental justice campaigners, effectively orchestrating and allowing the abuse.
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It’s important to understand that:

  • there are more officers involved than those which relate to these cases;

and that

  • other legal cases being brought by other groups or individuals may also concern the above officers.

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One of the key reasons the people affected are bringing these cases is to expose what has happened, with the aim of preventing it happening to anyone else in the future. Our current assumption is that there are still undercover officers who are currently in intimate relationships with members of the public. There has not, to date, been a statement or investigation which is full or open enough to give sufficient reassurance that this practice has ended.

We call for a clear and unambiguous statement that the abuse has ceased; the past to be thoroughly and openly investigated; and action and change to prevent these human rights abuses from ever happening again.
– from Where We Stand

External links about the officers

The following external links give further information about each of the officers linked to these cases:

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Bob Lambert – “Bob Robinson”

John Dines – “John Barker”

Mark Jenner – “Mark Cassidy”

Jim Boyling – “Jim Sutton”

Mark Kennedy – “Mark Stone”

“Carlo Neri”

“Marco Jacobs”

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