‘Jessica’ and ‘Joy’ speak out

Jessica took her fight to the House of Lords last month:

Jessica is not the only victim of one particular spycop’s predatory behaviour.

Another woman who encountered ‘Andy Davey‘ while he was spying on animal rights and environmental activists in the 1990s is ‘Joy’. She came forward with this disturbing story of a late-night encounter with the man recently confirmed to be Councillor Andy Coles.

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Women demand an urgent meeting with Amber Rudd

Today, we sent a letter to Amber Rudd, the current Home Secretary, requesting an urgent meeting with her.

We are a group of thirteen women. All of us have suffered the same devastating discovery: that we’d been unwittingly deceived into relationships with undercover police officers, who had been sent to spy on us and our friends.
Some of us made that discovery a long time ago, and have already spent over six gruelling years battling for the truth about what was done to us, and for assurances that this won’t be done to any other women in future.
We wrested an ‘apology’ from the Met Police Service in November 2015, but have had less luck getting answers to our questions: who knew about the existence of these units? how much information did they record about our most intimate lives? what is on our files? who were these men? who were their managers? which groups were they spying on? who authorised their activities? etc
In one notorious case, ‘Alison’ is still waiting for official confirmation that her ex-partner, who she knew as ‘Mark Cassidy’ throughout their relationship, was in fact a married police officer named ‘Mark Jenner’.
Some of us found out more recently, and are still bringing civil claims against the police.  They are now threatening us with intrusive assessments by a psychiatrist instructed by the police.
We are fast losing faith in the Undercover Policing Inquiry, and call upon Amber Rudd to take action to prevent it from failing.

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Jenny Jones demands answers: who in government knew about spycops relationships?

23rd March 2018

On Wednesday this week, Baroness Jenny Jones spoke in the House of Lords to demand an answer to the question of how long the government has known about the tactic of undercover police officers using sexual relationships with their targets to develop their cover stories (1,2).

The question followed on the heels of the revelation the same day in the Undercover Policing Public Inquiry that police have admitted that the intimate relationships cultivated by infamous undercover officer Mark Kennedy were known about and “acquiesced to” by not only his cover officers but also his line management Continue reading “Jenny Jones demands answers: who in government knew about spycops relationships?”


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