Inquiry’s ‘Strategic Review’ published today

Sir Pitchford (the first Chair of the Undercover Policing Inquiry) announced this “strategic review” over a year ago, once it had become clear that the Inquiry would take longer than the three years originally estimated for it.

 We have waited until today to learn of the Review’s contents. In his foreword, the current Chair of the Inquiry, Sir John Mitting, tells us that this is not a consultation document; he has very little interest in consulting us or listening to what we say.

He goes on to tell us that even if we, the Non-State Core Participants, decide not to participate any further in the process, “the Inquiry will get as close to the truth as it can without them”.

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Jenny Jones demands answers: who in government knew about spycops relationships?

23rd March 2018

On Wednesday this week, Baroness Jenny Jones spoke in the House of Lords to demand an answer to the question of how long the government has known about the tactic of undercover police officers using sexual relationships with their targets to develop their cover stories (1,2).

The question followed on the heels of the revelation the same day in the Undercover Policing Public Inquiry that police have admitted that the intimate relationships cultivated by infamous undercover officer Mark Kennedy were known about and “acquiesced to” by not only his cover officers but also his line management Continue reading “Jenny Jones demands answers: who in government knew about spycops relationships?”


SDS Managers Implicated in human rights abuses – a statement from Kate Wilson


For almost eight years the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) have maintained that officers having sexual relationships undercover could never be an operational tactic.

The apologies they have so-far extended to myself and at least eight other women who were deceived into intimate relationships with undercover operatives, state that such relationships “would never have been authorised” and were the result of “failures of supervision and management”.

The subtext is: these were rogue officers misbehaving, and their commanding officers did not know.

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Inquiry progress briefing #5

We are pleased to today publish our progress briefing number 5, summarising progress in the Undercover Policing Inquiry. This version is for public consumption – if you are a core participant in the Inquiry, you can get a more detailed version from your solicitor.

This Inquiry Progress Briefing number 5 includes a summary of progress so far (principles and protocols, anonymity applications, and evidence gathering), the outstanding issues (Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, Disclosure of personal files, Witness evidence protocol, Disclosure of cover names and individuals files) as well as sections on the Inquiry Strategic Review and appointment of Mitting.

For the back ground to the inquiry go here, and for previous briefings, go here.


Undercover Policing Inquiry: Latest progress briefing

Want to understand what has happened recently in the preliminary stages of the Undercover Policing Inquiry?

Read our latest Progress Briefing available for download here.

It covers the period mid March to mid May 2017 and includes:

  • 5/6th April Hearing
  • Disclosure of personal files
  • Protocols
    • Draft disclosure protocol
    • Restriction protocol
  • Rehabilitation of Offenders Act submissions

For those people that are core participants in the Inquiry, a slightly different version will be available via your lawyers, that contains information that is private between you and your lawyers.


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