Women call on Home Secretary to recognise Institutional Sexism in the police

Today, 13 women who were deceived into intimate sexual relationships with undercover policeman, over a period spanning nearly 30 years, have written to the Home Secretary to raise their concerns about the progress and recent direction of the Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing.

The women noted that, two years into the Inquiry, the names of the 1000+ groups spied on by political policing units have still not been made public, nor have the cover names used by officers while undercover.  These two steps are critical to allow non-police witnesses to come forward and give evidence to the inquiry.  The women also raised concerns about the recent appointment of Sir John Mitting as Inquiry Chair. Continue reading “Women call on Home Secretary to recognise Institutional Sexism in the police”


Jessica meets Leader of Peterborough Council

Today ‘Jessica’ took the courage to meet with Councillor Holdich at Peterborough Town Hall to discuss ex spycop Andy Coles’ position in the Council. She was told that the council will not answer any questions during council meetings regarding Andy Coles. She was also informed that the council would be writing to her lawyer in response to her official complaint. Apparently the council have no powers to remove or suspend an elected member of the council, unless they are convicted of an offense. Jessica commented that “the crown prosecution will not charge any of the spycops with sexual offenses – so Andy Coles will never be convicted”.

A public meeting is planned, in Peterborough, in the near future where a strategy to move the campaign forward will be discussed.



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