Deborah’s Story

Deborah is one of three of the people involved in the South Wales Case that is currently challenging the Metropolitan Police Force, South Wales Police force, and the Association of Chief Police Officers. She has requested anonymity; this has been upheld by the courts. ‘Deborah’ is a pseudonym.

Deborah had a friendship and, what she thought was, a genuine, supportive and loving relationship with ‘Marco Jacobs‘ – who was later revealed to be an under cover officer.

Deborah bravely spoke out for the first time about the trauma she has suffered after having a relationship with Marco Jacobs. Her story in her own words can be found here.

A Channel Four News interview with her about her relationship with Marco Jacobs can be found here.

The Guardian on 19th December 2016 wrote about her experiences, the article can be read here.

This is a statement written by South Wales Anarchists at the time that Marco Jacobs was revealed to be an under cover officer.


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