‘Jessica’ and ‘Joy’ speak out

Jessica took her fight to the House of Lords last month:

Jessica is not the only victim of one particular spycop’s predatory behaviour.

Another woman who encountered ‘Andy Davey‘ while he was spying on animal rights and environmental activists in the 1990s is ‘Joy’. She came forward with this disturbing story of a late-night encounter with the man recently confirmed to be Councillor Andy Coles.

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SDS Managers Implicated in human rights abuses – a statement from Kate Wilson


For almost eight years the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) have maintained that officers having sexual relationships undercover could never be an operational tactic.

The apologies they have so-far extended to myself and at least eight other women who were deceived into intimate relationships with undercover operatives, state that such relationships “would never have been authorised” and were the result of “failures of supervision and management”.

The subtext is: these were rogue officers misbehaving, and their commanding officers did not know.

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‘Andy Davey’ aka ‘HN2’ confirmed as being Councillor Andy Coles

I am really pleased the Inquiry has confirmed what everyone has known since May last year.

The man who deceived me into a sexual relationship when I was a teenager was an undercover police officer. The name he gave me, Andy Davey, was fake. Today he has been confirmed by the Undercover Policing Inquiry as ‘HN2‘, Special Demonstration Squad officer Andy Coles.

As soon as his name was made public last year he resigned from his position as Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire. However he is still a Peterborough City Councillor and a school governor.

The fact that he hasn’t stepped down from these posts is an affront to the decent people of Peterborough. I am sure they would not have voted for him had they known of his shameful, abusive past.

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No one deserves to be spied on – postcards now available

No one deserves to be spied on!

We all have a right to campaign for change without fear of state abuse.

These postcards illustrate the kind of people who found themselves the targets of the disgraced #spycops units, and some of the campaigning going on at the time.

The full set of eight postcards is now available, at radical bookshops and online: housmans.com, with all funds raised going towards our work.

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