Letters about the Lush campaign

We want the truth

We are victims of what has become known as the “spycops” operation, and their legal representatives and supporters.
In many of these secret undercover operations the police have admitted to violation of human rights, abuse of police powers and causing significant trauma, including inhuman and degrading treatment breaching article 3 of the European convention of human rights.
We are pressing for the current public inquiry into undercover policing to ensure that there is full disclosure of what took place, including who was targeted, by whom and how.
Without this full disclosure there is no way of knowing the full extent of what happened during the dark years of this secret policing operation.
The cosmetics retailer Lush has used its facilities to help us as victims press for full disclosure and reform so that this never happens again. This is not an attack on police; it serves to help all those in the police service who wish to uphold the highest standards of policing.
For this we thank Lush for its support. We condemn those who have misrepresented Lush and our campaign and especially those who have sought to intimidate Lush staff.


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Our initial reaction to the Lush #spycops campaign

Read our blog-post about the campaign here.

The Lush #spycops campaign, launched last week, is the latest – and arguably the most successful – attempt to draw this ongoing police scandal to the public’s attention. Its aim is to put pressure on the Home Secretary to restore public confidence in the Inquiry into Undercover Policing that was established in 2015 by Theresa May to discover the truth about the activities of these secret policing units. The Inquiry has been fraught with difficulties. Continue reading “Our initial reaction to the Lush #spycops campaign”


‘Jessica’ and ‘Joy’ speak out

Jessica took her fight to the House of Lords last month:

Jessica is not the only victim of one particular spycop’s predatory behaviour.

Another woman who encountered ‘Andy Davey‘ while he was spying on animal rights and environmental activists in the 1990s is ‘Joy’. She came forward with this disturbing story of a late-night encounter with the man recently confirmed to be Councillor Andy Coles.

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International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, it is with a growing sense of impatience that I reflect on the progress of the UCPI, the public inquiry set up to investigate undercover policing in England and Wales. I am a core participant in this inquiry, as I am one of a number of women activists deceived into long-term relationships by spycops (I lived with, and was engaged to, the notorious Special Demonstration Squad officer ‘Carlo Neri’ for two years).

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