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Helen Steel issues statement as former partner confirmed as undercover officer

PRESS RELEASE for immediate release Undercover Policing Inquiry has named John Dines as an undercover police officer Helen Steel has issued a statement in response. It is contained here The Undercover Policing Inquiry (1) has named John Dines as an undercover police officer (2), the third officer confirmed in recent weeks (3). John Dines was […]

One year since the Met apologised – our work is very much still needed

A year ago last weekend, the Metropolitan Police issued an historic apology to seven of the eight women we had been supporting in their legal action against the police after they were deceived into relationships with undercover police. Today, despite these consolatory words from the police, we are supporting two other legal actions, and talking […]

Public Inquiry Progress Briefing

We have written a Progress Briefing on the Inquiry into Undercover Policing. Below is the introduction, written by Harriet Wistrich, Solicitor for the Eight Women Case. The briefing is downloadable here: Inquiry Progress Nov16. When the then Home Secretary, Theresa May, announced in parliament on 6 March 2014 that she was persuaded of the need […]

“Put yourself in the situation of a witness” – Pitchford asked to widen undertakings for the spied-upon

Today saw another preliminary hearing of the ‘Pitchford’ Inquiry, the public inquiry into undercover policing which is being chaired by Lord Pitchford. There’s been a whole series of these preliminary hearings, where Pitchford hears from the different parties about how the inquiry itself should be conducted. What decisions Pitchford makes may have an enormous impact […]

Impressed by the bravery of Helen Steel and others fighting #spycops abuses? Show your solidarity!

Today, 9 March 2016, the day after International Women’s day, news broke that Helen Steel had flown to Australia to confront her former partner. Years ago, he’d been an undercover officer who was paid to deceive her into a relationship, all ‘because’ she was a social justice and environmental campaigner. Now he teaches police in […]