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Deceived into relationships with undercover cops: Powerful new short film

We are pleased to release today a powerful new short film, made by Reel News, showing four women talking about their startlingly similar experiences of being deceived into relationships with undercover police. It is being premiered this week at the Lush Summit, where “Alison” and “Andrea“, two women deceived into relationships with undercover police, are […]

Women’s statement: Full investigation needed on undercover policing in Scotland

Four women deceived into relationships with undercover officers have made a joint statement criticising the new HMICS review into undercover policing, and demanding a full Public Inquiry into the undercover policing in Scotland. Full Statement from the four women: “One of the major concerns we have about the scope of the Inquiry into Undercover Policing […]

Absurdity and inconsistency of “NCND”

This case has been subject to various delaying and secrecy tactics by the police. Currently at issue is “Neither Confirm Nor Deny” (known as NCND) for short. Not long ago, we explained here why NCND should not stand as a response to this case, including the strike-out application. The police subsequently withdrew their application, while […]

Secrecy Hearing – why “Neither Confirm Nor Deny” should not stand

At a court hearing this month, the police are applying to have the women’s case struck out, asserting that their claimed ‘policy’ of ‘Neither Confirm Nor Deny’ (NCND) means that they cannot comment or respond to the women’s claims – and therefore a trial should not take place because it would be unfair to the […]

Drax protestors speak out against undercover police secrecy

The UK’s top criminal court has today overturned the convictions of 29 climate change activists who blockaded a train delivering coal to Drax power station in 2008.  The convictions were quashed after it was revealed that evidence gathered by undercover police officer Mark Kennedy had been withheld from the original trial. We applaud the success […]