Local Activist has put a call out for people to come a demo in Peterborough tonight, which we reproduce here:

Councillor Andy Coles Demonstration 
TONIGHT Wednesday 26/7 – 6pm rear of Peterborough town hall.

Join me along with other members of the labour party, plus representatives from the Greens, Lib-Dems and others, to demand that the Leader of Peterborough city council urge Andy Coles to resign from his post as conservative councillor for the Fletton and Woodston ward whilst being investigated over allegations that he groomed and manipulated a vulnerable 19-year-old political activist into having a sexual relationship with him, lied about his name and age whilst being married to another woman.

After reading revelations that have appeared across a wide range of the media (including sample links below), I like many other people, do not believe it is in the public interest that Mr Coles remain in a position of trust.

Tory council leader John Holdich is of the opinion that If Coles resigns as councillor it would be an admission of guilt. Coles has resigned his post as Deputy Police Commissioner! So using the same logic…..

If you can, join us TONIGHT at 6pm and we will try to help Holdich see the logic of his own argument and urge coles to resign as councillor. You can also help by sending a quick email expressing your views to:
Leader of Council: john.holdich@peterborough.gov.uk


Local call for action tonight to oust Andy Coles
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