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Local call for action tonight to oust Andy Coles

Local Activist has put a call out for people to come a demo in Peterborough tonight, which we reproduce here: Councillor Andy Coles Demonstration  TONIGHT Wednesday 26/7 – 6pm rear of Peterborough town hall. Join me along with other members of the labour party, plus representatives from the Greens, Lib-Dems and others, to demand that […]

Andy Coles’ refusal to resign causing headaches for the rest of Peterborough City Council

  There was a good turn-out for the demonstration at Peterborough Town Hall on Wednesday evening. From 5.30pm onwards, over thirty people gathered in the street outside, to leaflet passers-by, including the elected councillors on their way into the building.     Some of those councillors stopped to talk with the protestors. Most of the […]

Courageous Jessica makes statement

Today, there have been shocking revelations about Andy Coles (deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Cambridgeshire, and Tory councillor for Cambridge [2]) being an undercover officer known as ‘Andy “Van” Davey’. He, like so many other officers that have been uncovered [3], had an abusive relationship with a female activist while undercover. That activist, known […]