Notification was given yesterday of a new Ruling: ‘Jessica’ has been granted Core Participant status in the Under Cover Policing Inquiry.

The Ruling states:

Ruling 14: “Jessica”satisfies the requirements of rule 5(2) of the Inquiry Rules 2006, for the reasons explained in the Chairman’s ruling of 21 October 2015 in paragraphs 46-49. I accept that she had no reason to apply earlier than she has done to be made a core participant. I shall designate her a core participant in the Inquiry in Category H Individuals in relationships with undercover officers. Her identity will remain confidential pending receipt of an application for anonymity 

 This is an important development in the unfolding campaign, demanding that Andy Coles resigns from his position as Councillor at Peterborough Council.

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‘Jessica’ granted Core Participant status in the Undercover Policing Inquiry