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Hogan-Howe falls short

Bernard Hogan-Howe, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, yesterday spoke at the London Assembly, answering questions over undercover officers having sex with targets and members of the public. You can see the video here. His comments and attitude fall well short of the assurances we are seeking over current practices. To reiterate: “We call for a […]

Where We Stand – plus McDonalds, Dispatches doc, and appeal against Secret Tribunal

We have published a statement by the women and the support group: Where We Stand. Not only is this a clear stance on the issues which have been raised by this legal action but it’s also a call for solidarity: we’re inviting individuals and groups to sign up to the statement, and to spread the […]

Inquiries – pages under construction

We are currently working on this section of the website to include an accurate picture of inquiries that are ongoing. To date there have been many inquiries into undercover policing. Some of these have not covered the issue of relationships at all. None have covered the issue adequately. There are no circumstances in which it […]