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Media articles on NCND judgement

In the wake of Wednesday’s High Court Ruling, here are some links to media coverage of the judgement….   BBC, 2/7/14 –   “Undercover police sex case : women win legal battle” The Guardian, 2/7/14 – “Women duped by Met undercover officers win high court ruling”   Thanks also to all those who have signed […]

Statement re today’s Appeal judgment

Below is the full text of a public statement from three of the women in this case. These three women, alongside three other claimants, appealed against their human rights claims being sent to a secret court. This statement is in response to the judgment on that appeal as handed down today at 10.30am, and it […]

Outrage as High Court Permits Secrecy over Undercover Policing

The High Court has today granted an application by the Metropolitan Police for a secret hearing over the claims brought against them under the Human Rights Act, arising from undercover officers engaging in intimate long term relationships with women whilst undercover.  The Claimants, who were involved in protest movements, were deceived into intimate sexual relationships […]