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Media articles on NCND judgement

In the wake of Wednesday’s High Court Ruling, here are some links to media coverage of the judgement….   BBC, 2/7/14 –   “Undercover police sex case : women win legal battle” The Guardian, 2/7/14 – “Women duped by Met undercover officers win high court ruling”   Thanks also to all those who have signed […]

Women’s statement: High Court ruling: Met Police cannot maintain blanket ‘NCND’ to cover up “gross abuses” of intimate relationships while undercover.

Today, in a devastating blow to the Metropolitan Police’s attempts to cover up gross abuses of women by undercover police, the High Court ruled that the Met could not use ‘Neither Confirm Nor Deny’ as a blanket response to all the fully pleaded claims of women affected. Mr Justice Bean handed down judgment in the […]

PRESS RELEASE: Background to today’s NCND judgment

PLEASE NOTE: The women are expected to make a statement as soon as the judgment is handed down. For updates see: and twitter TODAY: at 9.30am Justice Bean will hand down his judgment on an application to stop the Metropolitan Police using their Neither Confirm Nor Deny (NCND) ‘policy’ to obstruct a legal action […]

Why NCND must be rejected….

Ahead of today’s judgment over police obstructions to this case, here’s some background reading on why “Neither Confirm Nor Deny” must be rejected as an obstruction to justice…… (NCND = Neither Confirm Nor Deny – see here for an explanation) Critique of NCND by Alison, one of the women in the case – see HERE […]