Ahead of today’s judgment over police obstructions to this case, here’s some background reading on why “Neither Confirm Nor Deny” must be rejected as an obstruction to justice……

(NCND = Neither Confirm Nor Deny – see here for an explanation)

  • Critique of NCND by Alison, one of the women in the case – see HERE
  • Legal arguments made by the womens’ lawyers – see HERE
  • Seven (well-referenced) reasons “why NCND is bullshit!”see HERE
  • The women’s case began in December 2011, but the police didn’t mention NCND in relation to the case until June 2012 – see HERE
  • Undercover officers contributed to the BBC’s “True Spies” programme as long ago as 2002, with the blessing of the Met – see HERE
  • The most senior police officers in the country have already confirmed the identity of undercover officers – see HERE
  • Mick Creedon, who leads Operation Herne, has testified about the activities of undercover officer Peter Francis to the Home Affairs Select Committee – see HERE
  • Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary have stated that it is appropriate to waive NCND in the case of Mark Kennedy – see HERE (page 4)
  • Several ex-undercover officers have identified themselves as such – see HERE and HERE.

Neither Confirm Nor Deny = NEITHER TRUTH NOR JUSTICE. We will keep fighting for truth and justice for the women who’s lives were abused by undercover units, and extend our solidarity to all those affected by intrusive, abusive undercover policing.

Why NCND must be rejected….
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