Monthly Archives: January 2014

Fighting police secrecy: recent developments (alongside this case)

Today we announced that the next hearing in this case will take place in mid-March. Alongside this case, here is a round-up of other developments in the struggle for justice and accountability over undercover policing – and how they link to this legal action: – This Monday 27 January, in Southwark Crown Court, John Jordan, […]

Joint statement: No faith in Herne; call for full public inquiry

This last autumn the women who are bringing this case, and their solicitors, met with other individuals, organisations and lawyers affected by undercover police operations. A statement (see below) below was issued as a result. In the statement, the signatories – including those involved in this case – emphasise that they have “no faith in […]

Drax protestors speak out against undercover police secrecy

The UK’s top criminal court has today overturned the convictions of 29 climate change activists who blockaded a train delivering coal to Drax power station in 2008.  The convictions were quashed after it was revealed that evidence gathered by undercover police officer Mark Kennedy had been withheld from the original trial. We applaud the success […]

Whistleblower and Channel 4 threatened by police

The Guardian newspaper reported this week (on Monday 13 January 2014) that Senior Police are trying to force Channel 4 to hand over documents and unseen footage arising from their interviews with Peter Francis, a former undercover officer who turned whistleblower. The police say that they need the material as they are investigating whether a […]