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PRESS STATEMENT: Women condemn ongoing police obstructions to legal case

Today’s hearing has closed after a long debate in court over who will have to disclose what information when. The women have just issued this statement via their solicitor, Harriet Wistrich: “In the past 24 hours it has become clear that although the police announced they had dropped their strike out application, this was nothing […]

Legal Battle Commences – Court Hearing Tues 18 March 2014

We recommend bookmarking this post – we will keeping it updated with links to the latest developments over this hearing. ******************************* Latest updates: The court hearing (18/3/14) has ended – the women have issued a statement here. Before the hearing, the women’s solicitor, Harriet Wistrich, made a statement about why this hearing is important – […]

Today’s news #2 – Herne report

In the second big news of the day, Operation Herne’s second report was published. This is the police investigation headed by Mick Creedon (the report is therefore has been referred to as the Creedon report). This report includes the issue of undercover officers engaging in relationships. The women and the legal team for this case […]

Week of Solidarity Action – show your support – 17-21 March 2014

  Please show your support as legal battle commences •    Public support has helped the women win one battle: the police withdrew their strike out application •    But the police are still obstructing justice, and may use “Neither Confirm Nor Deny” to evade a public inquiry •    Fears persist over ongoing abuses – it’s not […]