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Absurdity and inconsistency of “NCND”

This case has been subject to various delaying and secrecy tactics by the police. Currently at issue is “Neither Confirm Nor Deny” (known as NCND) for short. Not long ago, we explained here why NCND should not stand as a response to this case, including the strike-out application. The police subsequently withdrew their application, while […]

Secrecy Hearing – why “Neither Confirm Nor Deny” should not stand

At a court hearing this month, the police are applying to have the women’s case struck out, asserting that their claimed ‘policy’ of ‘Neither Confirm Nor Deny’ (NCND) means that they cannot comment or respond to the women’s claims – and therefore a trial should not take place because it would be unfair to the […]

Metropolitan Police criticised for what they are “putting the victims through” in court battles

Jenny Jones of the London Assembly this week heavily criticised the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Bernard Hogan-Howe over the Met’s handling of this case and the entire issue. The following points of her criticism are worth noting: The commissioner constantly assures the people elected to scrutinise him that he wants as much transparency on […]

“More consistency needed” – women respond to College of Policing’s comments re new training programme

Eight women taking legal action against police after being duped into long-term intimate relationships with undercover police officers say they can only give a cautious welcome to comments by Alex Marshall of the College of Policing , in which he declared that a “new training programme” would “explicitly” state “that sexual activity while undercover is […]

Failures and frailty: initial responses and questions over Hogan-Howe comments

Following on from Bernard Hogan-Howe’s statement and comments, as we published earlier today, the solicitor for this case has made a response comment, and we want to raise some questions over what Hogan-Howe has said. First of all, below is an extract of what we think we can hear in the video (note that this […]