Lisa speaking out this week

Centre for Women’s Justice: South-West of England launch event
University of West of England Bristol 20 April 2017: 9.45 – 5.30

This week Lisa will be talking publicly about being deceived into an intimate relationship by an undercover cop, and her fightback for truth and accountability from the police.

Her talk will be part of the Centre for Women’s Justice South-West of England launch event.  The Centre for Women’s Justice is a new Charity which aims to advance the human rights of women and girls in England and Wales by:
(1) Holding the state to account for failures to prevent violence against women and girls
(2) Challenging discrimination against women and girls in the criminal justice system

This event will bring together survivors, activists, women’s sector groups, academics and others concerned with violence against women and girls to explore with lawyers how to hold the state to account and challenge discrimination within the criminal justice system.

Lisa is one of eight women who were deceived by undercover police officers in intimate relationships. They worked as a collective to battle against police obstruction tactics achieve a historic victory and public apology from the Metropolitan police

Lisa will talk as part of the programme called: “Up against it:  Survivors and activists and their legal cases” which will be chaired by Harriet Wistrich, Lisa’s lawyer in her battles against the police, and the founder of the Centre for Women’s Justice.

To book a place at this event, go to


Coming this week: Film and talks

A brand-new short film from Police Spies Out of Lives made with the help of Reel News. It will be launched at 12noon on Wednesday 8th February simultaneously here on our website and live at the Lush Summit in London.

On Thursday 9th February, the Human Rights room at the Lush Summit will host an hour-long session (also at 12 noon) with two women, Alison & Andrea, talking about their personal experiences of relationships with #spycops.

The Lush Summit takes place at the Leathermarket building in East London. Entry is free, but you need to register The Human Rights room is one of many showcasing the work done by various campaign groups that Lush has supported financially; the others include Animal Rights and Environmental campaigns.

Thank you to REELNEWS and Lush for their continued support.


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