Mr Justice Bean will hand down his judgment on the MPS’s use of “Neither Confirm Nor Deny” on Wednesday morning 2nd July, following the women’s application to the High Court earlier this month. The women were applying to force the Met to enter a proper defence. So far, the Met has attempted to dodge doing this, claiming that their own NCND ‘policy’ prevents them from following basic legal procedure – a claim challenged by the women’s legal team.

For an explanation of what went on in court, see the Law is War blog: #spycops victims seek end to Police’s ‘NCND’ wall of silence

Also an account of the first day of the two-day hearing, from Rob Evans in the Guardian: Police chiefs have an air of King Canute as they defend their secrecy stance

Thank you for all the support messages that were sent to the women during the hearing. To add yours, go to Where We Stand.

NCND judgement to be handed down Wednesday 2nd July