Secret Police, Secret Powers, Secret Abuse

Strike-article-imgThis article was originally written for STRIKE! Magazine.

Police Spies Out of Lives was formed, at the beginning of 2012, as a support group for eight women who were deceived into long-term intimate relationships with undercover police officers.

The women have been pursuing a legal battle against the Metropolitan Police and the Association of Chief Police Officers for over three years now. They brought this action to not only uncover the truth for themselves but to prevent the continuation of psychological, emotional and sexual abuse of campaigners and others by undercover officers. There have been victories and defeats along the way, but the struggle for an acknowledgement of the damage caused and measures to ban this from ever happening again continues. Continue reading “Secret Police, Secret Powers, Secret Abuse”


A Brief History of Undercover Cops

Policing Dissent

This article was written for Occupied Times.

On a cold October night in 2010 Mark Kennedy admitted to his partner of six years and a group of close activist friends to being an undercover cop. This event cracked the dam of secrecy that had allowed the police to infiltrate and undermine social movements and campaigns for decades with impunity. It led to a trickle and then a torrent of revelations about other undercover operations which, five years on, still show no signs of abating. Continue reading “A Brief History of Undercover Cops”


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