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PRESS STATEMENT: Deceived women seek end to police cover up

Today lawyers for the 8 women suing the police for intimate relationships with undercover cops have filed an application in the High Court seeking to stop the Metropolitan Police using ‘Neither Confirm Nor Deny’ (NCND) as a cloak of secrecy to hide behind. The women have made this statement: “Last week, shortly before a hearing […]

Why the Human Rights claims should not go to secret court – legal points

The following is an extract from an earlier post by Harriet Wistrich, solicitor for this case, in which she explained the original Tugendhat judgement. When deciding how to plead the women’s claims, we were aware of the risk that the police could argue that the Human Rights Act claims could only be heard in the […]

Appeal against secret court – 15 & 16 October 2013

Press Release – 8 October 2013 Claimants fight for human rights cases to be heard in open court, not in secret tribunal Last chance to ensure press and public scrutiny of Mark Kennedy’s police commanders over Human Rights Act abuses, amid judge’s “alarming” James  Bond  reference On 15 and 16 October 2013 the Appeal Court will hear […]

Explaining the judgment over secret tribunal by Harriet Wistrich

AKJ and others v The Commissioner of Police and others This summary sets out what the judgment means and what implications it has for the case of the eight women (and others); Harriet Wistrich is solicitor for the eight claimants. Background Birnberg Peirce represent eight women who are bringing claims against the police but only […]

Outrage as High Court Permits Secrecy over Undercover Policing

The High Court has today granted an application by the Metropolitan Police for a secret hearing over the claims brought against them under the Human Rights Act, arising from undercover officers engaging in intimate long term relationships with women whilst undercover.  The Claimants, who were involved in protest movements, were deceived into intimate sexual relationships […]