We have been contacted by some supporters asking for suggestions of how to comment respectfully, given that the intrusions are so serious and were so private. We thank people for their thoughtful support and outrage on this issue. Here is a list of suggestions:

In addition to the list below, over the two days of court (15-16 October) please use
to send a clear message and to give support. Thank you!

James Bond: not real and not acceptable
No-one elected Ian Fleming – laws based on Bond? No way!
stop systematic state sexism
no secrets, no lies… no police spies!
IPT = In Place of Truth
Police Spies Out Of Lives – No more secrets, no more lies
NO to secret tribunals
stop sexist undercover policing
support women fighting police abuse
end undercover abuses
end state-sanctioned sexism
end institutionalised sexism
stop state-sanctioned sexism
undercover is no excuse for abuse
women have a right to protest without abuse
stop Stasi-style policing
stop Stasi-style policing of dissent

You might also like to highlight the parts of the Human Rights Act which are relevant to the case:
Article 3:
No-one shall be subject to inhumane and degrading treatment
Article 8:
Respect for private and family life, including the right to form relationships without unjustified interference by the state

We also welcome your suggestions – please email us or contact us via social media

Suggestions for tweets and slogans
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