Two large files of evidence were submitted to the Court to counter the police’s application to have the women’s case struck out. The police then withdrew their application at the last minute.

Prior to its withdrawal, the basis of the police’s application had been that their own ‘policy’ of Neither Confirm Nor Deny (NCND) would mean they could not get a fair trial.

Countering NCND‘s validity, the two files submitted on behalf of the women detailed instances:

  • where the police had confirmed the identities of undercover officers;
  • where the police had commented on operational tactics of these political policing units (eg. 2002 BBC TV series True Spies);
  • where the identities of the undercover officers had been reported in the media;
  • and where the women had meticulously compiled evidence demonstrating that they can show the true identities of these officers.

The women will be making a further application to court to put an end to the police’s delaying tactics – see their statement here.

Countering NCND obstruction: the two files of evidence