This page gives an overview of developments in this case, by providing a timeline of important developments in the womens’ fight for justice.  Each stage in the timeline includes links to more detailed information.


December 2011Legal action launched by lawyers on behalf of the eight women.  The case includes claims under both the human rights act, and common law.

November 2012First hearing in the High Court, with Judge Tugendhat presiding; women’s legal team contest the Police’s attempts to have the the case heard in a secret “Investigatory Powers Tribunal” (IPT).

January 2013Judge Tugendhat announces his judgement in favour of the police in terms of the three women making claims under human rights law – he says these claims should be heard in the secret IPT.  However, he finds against the police in terms of the common law cases, which can now be held in open court rather than the IPT (although he ruled that these cases should be put on hold).

October 2013The Court of Appeal hears an appeal against the Tugenhat judgement by the campaign’s legal team.

November 2013Appeal judgement announced. The court upholds the decision that the human rights claims should be held in the IPT, but lifts the delay on the common law cases, which are now able to proceed.

March 2014The police drop their controversial legal bid to have the 5 common law cases struck out, shortly before a court hearing at which legal arguments about disclosure of evidence were made.

June 6/7th 2014Court hearing of application by womens’ legal team challenging police’s use of “Neither Confirm Nor Deny” tactic in the common law cases.

August 14th 2014Partial NCND victory – Met police finally admit Lambert & Boyling were cops 

November 20th 2015 – The Metropolitan Police give a full public apology to the women, as part of the settlement of the claims for seven of the eight women, finally recognising that their actions were an abuse of their human rights.

January 15th 2016 – Judgement was entered against the Police in reference to all the claims against them by the last standing of the eight women – Kate Wilson.