Terms of Reference published for the Public Inquiry into undercover policing – women’s statement

Theresa May has today made public the Terms of Reference that will guide the upcoming Public Inquiry into undercover policing to be led by Lord Pitchford.

In the last four years the work of campaigners and journalists has exposed numerous shocking revelations about the actions of undercover police units actively involved in infiltrating and undermining environmental and social justice campaigns.

The 8 women bringing the case against the Metropolitan Police have today made a statement about the public inquiry:

“Our attempts to uncover the truth through the courts have been met with determined and at times extremely offensive attempts by the police to avoid any disclosure on these issues. Now is the time for full and frank disclosure for all victims of undercover policing and public scrutiny of the abuses committed by these units. We sincerely hope that the inquiry will prove to have the power and the political will to overcome the obstacles it is likely to face.

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New Campaign Launched: #Spycops #ComeClean

#spycops #comeclean


We call for a transparent, robust and comprehensive public inquiry into undercover policing.

We demand truth and justice for the women deceived into intimate relationships by undercover police officers and all those affected by police spying on social and environmental justice groups.


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“RIPA still authorises sexual relationships by state agents”

On 11 June 2015, the Government published ‘A question of trust: report of the investigatory powers review‘ by David Anderson Q.C., the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation.

Jenny Jones, Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb, gave an excellent response to the report during a debate in the House of Lords on 8 July.

In discussing the continued legality of undercover police officers forming intimate relationships, she stated:

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