Helen’s Story

Helen  was previously referred to as ‘Clare’. On 22 June 2013 she and another  of the claimants, Belinda (previously referred  to as ‘Jenny’) spoke out under their real names, in the hope of  increasing public understanding of the nature and effects of the police abuse.

To hear about Helen’s experiences please follow the links below:

  • Audio of Helen explaining her story.
  • Helen & Lisa tell their stories on Radio Four’s Short Cuts
  • Helen gave evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee in February 2013, alongside Alison and Lisa. You can read the full transcript of their evidence here.
  • A piece from The Guardian on 3 February 2013, describing Helen’s experience, can be seen here.
  • Helen spoke about her experience at the launch meeting of the Campaign Against Police Surveillance on 27 February 2014. A transcript of her speech can be read here.
  • Helen gave an interview about her experience to The Guardian on 29 August 2014.  It can be read here.
  • A video of Helen speaking at a Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance meeting on 12 November 2014 can be viewed here.
  • Helen can be seen addressing the Women of the World festival at the Southbank Centre on 8 March 2015 here.  Her contribution starts at 38.50 into the video.
  • A year later, 8th March 2016, Helen confronts her ex partner, John Dines, after 24 years. The Guardian report it here with a video interview.
  • Campaigning for the cover names to be released, on 14th November 2016 Helen can be seen talking outside the Home Office here.


If you quote any of the  above accounts, for articles, blogs, or academic research, please let us know.  Please respect that while these words  appear in the public domain, they belong to people who have had their  private lives profoundly abused.  Thank you.

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