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I agree with the Where We Stand Statement. – Deise Romesburg

I wholeheartedly support the current and future victims of undercover police violations. Crimes against these women have to be taken seriously and given the respectful attention it deserves and the police force should be looking to prevent abuses not be the perpetrators. – Lisbeth Campos

The sexual deception of women activists by undercover cops is totally unacceptable. What went on in these cases is a particularly intimate form of abuse and its sanctioning by the state is evidence of a deeply held institutional misogyny. The revelations also show that the ‘forces of order’ regard the human rights of environmental activists as expendable. The police apparatus, left unchecked, is to our civil rights as a bulldozer is to an endangered species. – Fergus Haverty-Stacke

This is outrageous. It is a violation of women, using their deep felt moral obligations to society and the environment to abuse them mentally and physically should not be accepted. I stand shoulder to shoulder with you all. It could have been me, I was a peaceful environmental direct activist at the time. With warmth and love for those who are hurting. – Jane Campbell

My heartfelt thoughts go to the women and children in this case. – Christine Cooper

Their day will come … hold your heads up high as JUSTICE HAS TO PREVAIL. – Melanie Mccarthy

I commend your strength and resolve in bringing this troubling issue into the public light of day. I wish you well in the struggle that continues to challenge such breaches of the most basic human rights – the right to campaign for social & environmental justice AND the right to a private life free from abusive interference by agents of the state. – Patrick Smith

I stand with all the 8 woman against what has happened to them and how it is a violation of their basic human rights. This is corruption to another extent. There needs to be justice for these woman who will still be left with the memories of being deceived even after winning this long slow battle. I just cannot understand how it could have been allowed in the first place let alone continue to be covered and the truth hidden by top ranking officers and Hogan Howe!! – Meghna Vadera

Having intimate relations with the women you are spying on is rape! These women never consented to having sex with spies! Prosecute the spies and the police officers who ordered the spying to the full extent of the law! – Elizabeth Bach

Police spies out of lives – Kitty Newton

We have a right to participate in the struggle for social and environmental justice, without fear of persecution, objectification, or interference in our lives. – Jen

Excellent statement I will spread it wide and far!!!! – Zarah Dawn

Great news today, they can no longer hide behind absurd defence. Its great that you are doing together, for all people affected by the police’s abusive behaviour past, present and future. Respect for having the courage to continue to fight this case. IN solidarity – Alice Cutler

Have just read the Rob Evans/Paul Lewis book Undercover and I am appalled and disgusted beyond words. Although I was aware of the stories in the press at the time, it has taken this book to see this as a grotesque crime against your (and our) human rights. Hopefully this is only the beginning of a process that will shine a light onto what is bound to be revealed as an even wider serious crime against democracy and an utterly deplorable crime against you and all those who don’t know they have been used by the state in this way. May this never happen again. Respect – Adrian Brews

I support you. And I agree with and support your calls for action. This shouldn’t have happened to you, and it should never happen again. – Beccy Golding

Support you all the way !  – Jonathan Bloch

You have my sympathy for the abuse you have suffered. The police have not only abused you but have subverted democracy and undermined the democratic right to free speech, free association and the right to peaceful protest. The sexism inherent in their actions is astounding and the lack of respect for the public and the law breathtaking. They must not be allowed to get away with it. Please keep fighting. You will win. – Dr Jackie Hooley

I am joining this letter on behalf of Popular Resistance ( which has reported on this case and similar cases as well as other forms of police abuse, brutality and violence and inappropriate undercover and infiltration activities. This case deserves a full public airing and the police need to put forward clear rules to prevent this from occurring in the future. A system of civilian accountability needs to be developed that ensures police will b be held responsible when they abuse their authority. – Kevin Zeese

The law which has allowed this disgraceful abuse to happen and encourages police to act in a criminal fashion is RIPA. It’s a rotten piece of legislation that needs repealing. The body set up by the Gov to deal with cases under RIPA the shady Investigatory of Powers Tribunal is CORRUPT. All such cases whether HR or torts should be heard before a JUDGE in Court. – Heather

I fully support your campaign and would like to assist if I can. I am appalled that such callous and destructive stuff can happen in this country. It is shameful. I applaud your strength for taking this case forward. – Jessie Fenn

I totally support your cause against this appalling abuse of human rights. -Kenneth Smart

I stand with the women – whose right to privacy has been disregarded. – Caroline Oakley

“for here I stand” – Patricia Branich

In Solidarity. – Julie-Ann Davies

I’m behind all those affected in this horrendous act. Those responsible MUST b publicly named, shamed and instantly dismissed from their professional roles as advocates of ‘public protection and interests’ They are an insult to our British justice system … If there is still one that is credible. – Amanda Straughan

I fully support your cause: I can think of no circumstances in which it could be appropriate to trick a person into a sexual relationship in order to gather information. If a member of the public were to trick somebody into having sex they would rightly be prosecuted for rape as there was no informed consent. Please add my name to your petition/list of supporters, etc, and to your mailing list. – Huw Garan

I am a female politician in the National Assembly for Wales, and I am appalled by the actions of the undercover Police with regards to the women concerned. I fully support their legal plight, and will do all I can to raise awareness of this issue. The women had a right to a private life, and this was systematically violated. The fact that they will not apologise and are trying to hide behind certain rules and regulations are entirely unacceptable. I wish you all the best with the campaign. – Bethan Jenkins

I support an individuals freedom to demonstrate, raise awareness and speak freely. I also believe that ‘ordinary’ citizens, committing non-violent acts, non-violent criminal offences or crime at a lower level of the scale should not be targeted, specifically or peripherally by covert policing. Additionally I subscribe to the notion that inidividuals should not be afforded the opportunity to commit alleged crimes by the state. By contrast I also support the tactic of covert policing, when used judiciously, managed and implemented by well-trained, informed and consistent officers, with intrusive independent oversight, and subject to constant independent judicial reviews. I am abhorred by the fact that UC officers were either allowed or encouraged, explicitly or otherwise, to formulate relationships with citizens to infiltrate seemingly innocuous organisations, on behalf of the state. Police officers and their masters need to reassess their priorities, remembering that they are ‘citizens in uniform’, that they police by consent of the public, for the public, and are not the ‘gophers’ or executive arm of the government! I wish you luck in your case. – Christian Plowman

I support this statement fully. I am outraged not just at the emotional abuse of these women by the police, but also at the way the police are trying to wriggle out of responsibility for their undercover officers. – Jan Cunningham

The interference in these women’s lives is immoral. It is clear that those in power will use any immoral tactic to hold on to power and prevent change. There must be ethical restrictions on the actions of those in power. Those charged with upholding what our society views as right must be the most transparent, the most watched and the most ethical. it is clear that they are non of these things and are themselves committing crimes in the darkness and hiding that their power allows. We stand at the brink of causing our own extinction through environmental destruction. For this to be averted our society must change, and quickly. Using oppression, deception and violence to stop those trying to save our future is the worst kind of madness. – Eve Carnall

In solidarity – Jason Kirkpatrick

I’m with you… – Viviana

Although I am not with you in person I want you to know I stand shoulder to shoulder with you in spirit. Stay strong, stay solid. Love and hugs – Dean Southall

This abuse must never happen again and those who permitted, or failed to prevent it, it must be called to account in a court of law. I applaud the work of the Police Spies Out of our Lives which aims to achieve this. – Andrew Shadrake

Please do add my name to your statement. I believe that your case is essential and will be following it and discussing with friends. – Leigh Andrews

I understand that these women have been tricked into sexual intercourse and therefore have been coerced and therefore have been raped. I wish you all success. – James Woodard

When I read about this I thought that it could easily have happened to me. Completely unacceptable behaviour by police. I shared the statement on social media. Good luck with your case. – Kate Eldridge

My thanks for your courageous stand on behalf of all of us who campaign for peace and justice. I am ashamed that it was not until hearing Alison on BBC Newsnight that I was moved to action but on the other hand again I applaud her courage in giving the interview which can only lead to more people knowing about the case. – Rona Drennan

Respect and solidarity to the campaigners who have had their rights abused and their dignity slighted by the disgraceful and cowardly actions of undercover police. –  David Cross

I agree that there is institutional prejudice against human rights, social justice and environmental campaigners not only in the police but in some politicians. I also agree that undercover police and security operations seem to be out of control, going far beyond any form of morality and must be exposed to public scrutiny. – Harfiyah Haleem

The ultimate betrayal and dereliction of duty. These spies should lose their jobs and be prosecuted immediately. – Ellen E Barfield

This project deserves the support of a very large number of people. – Janet Alty

I wholeheartedly agree with the statement and the stand that these women are taking. – John Marshall

This must never be allowed to happen again. I stand in full solidarity with the people taking legal action against the police for this outrageous and flagrant abuse of police powers. – Lilia Letsch

I would like to add my name to the list of those showing solidarity with this campaign. – Keith Fyans

This is an appalling situation; these ladies have been deeply hurt and traumatised and it is essential that they get answers and satisfaction – little wonder public regard and respect for the police is descending to unfathomable depths. – George Coombs

Standing in solidarity with these women and campaign to investigate the past, acknowledge abuse and ensure this never happens again. – Julia Downes

You are amazing. Thank you so much for doing this for all of us xxx – Eleanor F

I want to thank you and say well done for standing up for what’s right. I am a 40 yr old husband and father. I would like to support your organisation and any other organisation that you might be able to direct me to that has a mandate to expose UK police malpractice. I have been subject to police malpractice. I am dedicated to ensuring that my experiences inspire me to help others and stop the police of the UK and their masters from running and ruining our lives. All the very best. – Gordon Craig

It’s not right for the police to set up stings like that in Britain. But they do the same damn thing in the US. – Kara Williams

Got your back, from north wales. X – Eluned Glyn Dafydd

I just posted this message on my Facebook page and will discuss your plight at my SEEFoE group meeting tonight: There are lots of things that annoy me, but few things more than what police officers like Mark Kennedy did to female eco-campaigners. We all expect a general low level of intimidation from plod, and the occasional smack in the teeth, but what the undercover surveillance police were up to was sexual assault and rape (the women would not have given consent if they had known the bloke they were jumping into bed with was there to destroy everything they believed in). You might think that law enforcement agencies might want to apologise, hold the guilty to account, start afresh, but no. The law enforcement agencies have decide that YOU – the general public – must never learn the truth and that the hearings are to be held in a super secret “IPT” court. – Jon

I was so shocked to hear about this, particularly hearing Helen’s account having known her around the time. Also at that time, I met people via local campaigns who have since become my closest life-long friends and partner, I can’t imagine what it must be like to discover one of them was a police spy. Good luck with the campaign, you are all amazing for standing up to this and speaking out. – Gillian Elam xx

Horrendous to read this is going on and that it is clearly approved and commended by those in power. What a crazy situation some people place others in. Ridiculous beyond the extreme. – Adam

This practice is totally unacceptable and completely disregards women’s rights. – Debbie

I stand in solidarity and support of the action being taken. – Susan Meighan

I support the demand for change to prevent the abuse of the individual’s right to a private life. Liz Hall

Totally behind you, you were treated appallingly and it is becoming ever harder to protest peacefully on environmental and social issues. – Belinda Loftus

I absolutely support the ‘where we stand’ statement. With the current inadequacy of the Police Complaints Commission, the frequent re-hiring of sacked or disciplined policemen by other police forces, and the horror stories about character assassination of people involved in campaigns against police racism or deaths in custody, it’s time for a root and branch reform of our police. – Anne Gray

There are no circumstances under which it can ever be acceptable for an undercover police officer to invade the privacy and destroy the lives of those who are merely expressing their democratic right to dissent and protest. This is institutionalised abuse. All cases of this should be investigated and those responsible held to account. A guarantee must be publicly made that this will never happen again. – Sue Sutherley

I support this statement. – Joseph Swift

Fantastic spirit requires support, and the “eight” – and all connected – have mine. We have to open up the chicanery in the political-corporate-law enforcing parts of our “society”, and open eyes for the many who are sheeple or “blinded” or “care-less”! – Oliver Dowding

I agree with your statement and would like to support your stand. – Jonathan

It is unbelievable what the police is doing and has done in order to get information. This is not only immoral but illegal. I demand that the police stop using these stratagems and that the parties involved in such past activities are punished for this illegal action. And that the victims get compensation. – Rebeca Robertson

Today Occupy London, at Speakers’ Corner, decided by consensus to stand with you . We agreed the above statement by consensus. Solidarity Sisters in your struggle for justice and a better world. – Julie (on behalf of Occupy London)

Truly sickened by the recent revelations of the cynical and criminal psychological, emotional and sexual abuse of campaigners and others by undercover police officers. I fully support the statement above. – Matthew Cohn

Keep up the good work!! – Grant Keir

All who campaign for social and environmental justice should be free to do so. We do not want to live in a police state. – Colin Smith

With Solidarity and Love and a sincere hope for real justice. – Annie O’Halloran

Totally agree with above statement and would add that 1/3 girls in UK subject to sexist attack in school, whilst sexist violence in home is termed by the locational term Domestic Violence, rather than the attitude of the perpetrators as it is in all other hierarchacal violence such as racism and homophobic violence. This is institutional sexism writ large right across all areas of society. – Vicki Wharton

I support this campaign completely. This a violation and abuse of women emotionally, psychologically and sexually. – Joanna Lowndes

I think the amount of spying by the Police into PRIVATE lives, that Police Spies Stay Out of Our Lives has brought to light – is utterly deplorable. – Philip Corlett

I support you! – Ingrid Broad

What happened is shocking. I stand by the women who were violated in this way. The police must never be allowed to do this again, or to treat people involved in legal and vital civil protest as potential terrorists. – Jacky Ivimy

Thank you for holding the police to account for this – Beth Stratford

You have thousands if not millions behind you. Good luck with the case. – Gillie Howarth

I wholeheartedly support your fight – it’s shameful and disgusting that campaigners, particularly women, should be targeted in this way simply for having the conscience and the courage to fight for a better world for all of us. Especially when their actions were peaceful and non-violent – something acknowledged even by the police spies. – Sarah Reisz

Once I would have found these revelations about the police hard to believe, but sadly my trust in and respect for the police as an institution have been steadily eroded over the last few years, to the point where I now ask myself, “Who’s side are they on?” We all have a democratic right to engage in lawful protest and activism, and the use of the police in this and many other ways to try to deny us that right has got to be challenged, exposed and stopped. – Andrew McLeod

I put my voice to the above to support the women who are bringing this action, and all those who agree with a peaceful, truly democratic and free society. – Emma Whitlock

There is no place for this type of abusive behaviour in a free democratic state. I am appalled that these deceitful acts have been carried out and want to join you, to make a stand to prevent this type of thing ever happening again. Solidarity. – K Badlan

I find it difficult to believe the corruption at every level of the state and private enterprise in this country. – Jacqueline Noltingk

I support Where we stand – L Warren

I’ve only just become aware in the past few days of the extent of this police spying activity. Can’t quite express the fury, disgust and desolation I feel, and my admiration for the women concerned in coming forward. I knew Helen through the 90s and had no idea what she was dealing with. Biggest respect to all 8, I hope those bastards get what is coming to them and that this pernicious life-stealing will be brought to an end. In love and solidarity. – Sophie

Where I stand… is with you. Heading now to paypal to make that a little more tangible. Stay strong. – Karolyne Kerr

I support this statement and am appalled by such uncomely state behaviour straight out of an Orwellian vision! – Esmeralda Raskin

Signing up in support. – Shaun Chamberlin

Thank you for your courage in bringing these stories to light. Wishing you strength and energy. – Shilpa Shah

Spending the afternoon writing to MPs suddenly seems a lot more important than working on my dissertation. I came to this via Merrick’s blog and he has been really solid about keeping people informed about police spies over the last few years. Love and solidarity to you all. Also I volunteered with the McLibel campaign many years ago so best regards to Helen. – Richard Conibere.

Wishing you and the campaign all the best in your very worthwhile endeavour. it is horrifying to think how the police have infiltrated private lives like this. – Rachel Seoighe

Sexual relations under false pretences is rape. I don’t care how you cut it, if someone convinces another person to engage in sexual relations with them under false pretenses – pretenses which would have caused the victim to have not consented to sexual relations, had the truth been known – it is sexual assault, plain and simple. The facts of this case reveal a blatant and disgusting manifestation of patriarchal social relations and the ever-growing spectre of state-power, and must be stopped! – Edwin Rollins

Every woman, and every person, has a right to participate in the struggle for social and environmental justice, without fear of persecution, objectification, or interference in their lives. – Eleanor Weeks-Bell

I am so proud of you all for engaging in the pain and difficulty in recovering from an abuse like this. I hope your anger empowers and fuels you rather than paralyses you. I am desperately sad, I am horrified too. I am proud to stand by you. – Catriona Watson

I wholeheartedly support the women bringing this matter to court as it is nothing short of sexual abuse sanctioned by the state. The emotional and mental scars caused by this behaviour, not to mention the families torn apart by it, are utterly shocking. It is disgusting to think that our own government has encouraged this behaviour to be used against its own civilians and there is nothing that could be said to justify it. – Holly Moy

Adding my support. – Alex Kelly

I hope that this helps what the police has done is outragous, my most sincere support to your cause. – Daria

The police’s behaviour in these cases is inexcusable. It is totally unjustified and could never be supported by the public for any reason. This issue needs to be fully investigated and made part of the past, with compensation to the women involved. It can’t be made to be part of the future. – Elizabeth Ruth Pender

I support the statement “Where we Stand”. – Sandra McNeill

There is no conceivable excuse for the cynical employment of the machinery of the state to engage in degrading and decivilising abuse of those engaged in peaceful protest and confrontation of our rapidly failing ‘representative democracy’. These devious devices are manifestations of the failed and feckless model of a corporatocratic regime, which hides behind the manipulative lie of being a representative democracy. The most confronting disgrace is the insult of the progressive/regressive corruption of the values and qualities of the legacy gifted to this nation by those who gave their lives in the last world war. Anyone who connives with such corrupt and immoral policy agendas or simply turns a blind eye of apathy or ignorance must examine the damaging worthlessness of their passage on this earth and judge if they are worthy to count themselves a member of the human community. – Chris Fursdon Davis

I support the statement – Ben Cavanna

No cause whatsoever can justify the manipulation of any individual – male or female – in this way. If we cannot trust our intimates – whom we cherish and with whom we may bear children – to be who they represent themselves to be – then who can we trust ? This kind of betrayal is what I would define as ‘evil’ – an archaic word I never use – but if I had to choose a definition – this form of abuse of power would sum it up . – Denise Heinrich-Lane

Thinking of you, right behind you, bless your strength to get through this xxx – Zoe

I have nothing to hide, but I’m still entitled to privacy. – Simon Collery

Solidarity in your time of trouble! – Rupert Ferguson

Sisters I am much distressed at your treatment, and have started to write this now three times, each time something is said that pains me, so I start again because I should not wish to pain you but to ease your position. I hope you take some form of solace in the fact that you were on the right path in your politics and that you are not swayed from them, even if just in your heart. Much Love, Solidarity and Sisterhood – Michelle Curtin X

I support the statement – Rebecca Lush Blum

As an activist your stories fill me with horror and I worry about this sort of thing on a daily basis – it’s the abuse that keeps on giving! I wish you best of luck and congratulate you on your brave action. – Alison Playford

I will do what I can to campaign with you; for those that have already been damaged in an inconceivable way, for those who might be currently being betrayed without their knowledge, and for those like myself who do not know and are suffering that fear. – Fiona

Agree wholeheartedly. Solidarity to you and your cause. – Kate Arnold

I support the statement ‘Where We Stand’ and add my voice to the call for dignity and justice, and an end to the kinds of intrusion and discrimination described in the statement. – Em

I support these women in their call for clear conformation that this shameful abuse has ended. Past practices need to be fully exposed and those guilty of causing such personal devastation and erosion of societal rights must be held to account. – Carrie Mackinnon

These are messages of support sent by members of the public when they signed the Where We Stand statement. To add your name and send a message, go here. Signatories are displayed here.