This case takes place within a wider context of public concern about undercover policing. While Police Spies Out Of Lives is a support group for this case only, we have compiled some links to significant background information below; see also Beyond this case: Issues and Corruption. If you think we have missed something, please let us know, providing an external link. Thank you.

Alongside the officers involved, several other undercover police officers have come forward or have been unmasked:

– “Marco Jacobs” – his deployment is also the subject of legal action, against the Metropolitan Police and South Wales Police. Some of the court hearings about that case have been heard in tandem with this case, including attempts by the Metropolitan Police to have that case, and parts of this case, heard in secret. [link ‘in secret’ to the IPT press statement from November]
> Walesonline – 17th January 2013
> Indymedia – 19 January 2011

“Lynn Watson”
> The Guardian – 19 January 2011
> Newsnight – 16 January 2011

“Rod Richardson”
> The Guardian – 6 February 2013
> Comment Is Free – 1 March 2013
> Indymedia – 6 February 2013

“Pete Black” was an undercover officer, and has been whistleblowing on his former employers via the Guardian newspaper
> The Guardian – 26 October 2011
> The Guardian – 14 March 2010

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