The evidential hearings stage has been delayed another year until summer 2020.

For transcripts of, and documents published around, hearings, visit the Inquiry Website

There are no Inquiry hearings scheduled.

Progress Briefings

Briefings and reports for core participants, public and press. More up to date information here.

Progress briefing 1 a report about the progress the Inquiry has made so far in working through its preliminary decisions, published November 2016.

Progress briefing 2 a report about the progress the Inquiry made December 2016-Jan2017, published February 2017.

Progress briefing 3 a report about the progress the Inquiry made February – 11 March 2017, published March 2017.

Progress briefing 4, a report about the progress the Inquiry made mid March – mid May, published May 2017

Progress briefing 5, a report on progress the Inquiry made mid May – 22nd June, published end of June 2017. It includes a summary of progress in the Inquiry so far.

Progress briefing 6, a report on the appointment of a new Chair, and progress made between 23rd June and 18th August, published at the end of August 2017.


April 5th 2017 hearing

Summary of April 5th 2017 hearing Ruling


Secrecy hearing
Open Inquiry, Open Justice  A guide to the submission by non-police non-state Core Participants (i.e. the victims of undercover abuse), in response to police and state requests for secrecy.

Secrets beyond lies: the police and state’s requests for secrecy  An overview of the secrecy requests made by the police and state bodies to the Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing

Secrecy hearing: Report on the hearing where Pitchford heard arguments around how much secrecy there should be at the Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing


Undertakings hearing

The police under investigation: witness incrimination at the spycops inquiry. A guide to the ‘undertakings’ hearing

Undertakings hearing: a report on the hearing about whether to make promises to witnesses that their evidence to the inquiry may not be used to prosecute them



Neither confirm nor deny: neither truth nor justice – A guide to the use of ‘NCND’ around political undercover policing