Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing: briefings

To enable the core participants, public and press to understand what is going on in the Inquiry, we are publishing a series of briefings, and reports.

For transcripts of, and documents published around, hearings, visit the Inquiry Website


Progress Briefings

Progress briefing 1 a report about the progress the Inquiry has made so far in working through its preliminary decisions, published November 2016.

Progress briefing 2 a report about the progress the Inquiry made December 2016-Jan2017, published February 2017.

Progress briefing 3 a report about the progress the Inquiry made February – 11 March 2017, published March 2017.

Progress briefing 4, a report about the progress the Inquiry made mid March – mid May, published May 2017

Progress briefing 5 will be published in June

April 5th 2017 hearing

Summary of April 5th 2017 hearing Ruling


Secrecy hearing
Open Inquiry, Open Justice  A guide to the submission by non-police non-state Core Participants (i.e. the victims of undercover abuse), in response to police and state requests for secrecy.

Secrets beyond lies: the police and state’s requests for secrecy  An overview of the secrecy requests made by the police and state bodies to the Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing

Secrecy hearing: Report on the hearing where Pitchford heard arguments around how much secrecy there should be at the Public Inquiry into Undercover Policing


Undertakings hearing

The police under investigation: witness incrimination at the spycops inquiry. A guide to the ‘undertakings’ hearing

Undertakings hearing: a report on the hearing about whether to make promises to witnesses that their evidence to the inquiry may not be used to prosecute them



Neither confirm nor deny: neither truth nor justice – A guide to the use of ‘NCND’ around political undercover policing