1. Demand a full investigation into undercover policing including officers activities abroad and the links with corporate spying

  • Do  you live outside England and Wales ( particularly Scotland, Ireland,  Northern  Ireland, Spain, Iceland, Germany, Italy, France, Denmark) –  write to  your MP or other elected representative, demanding that they  fight for a  full investigation / Inquiry into undercover policing, and  the  activities of UK spycops in their country.
  • Are  you an activist targeted by SDS/NPOIU undercover police abroad? Demand  that your experiences are included in the Inquiry. Consider starting a  court case to get Pitchford extended to  cover your experiences.
  • Live  in England and Wales? Write of your concerns about this issue and  demand a full investigation into the role of undercover police abroad

Who to write letters to to make your demands:

  • Home affairs select Commitee Chair Rt Hon Yvette Cooper MP:
  • Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP
  • Home Sec Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP
  • Undercover Policing Inquiry, Telephone: 0203 741 0410 or 0203 741 0411, Postal address: PO Box 71230, London NW1W 7QH, Email: info@ucpi.org.uk, Twitter: https://twitter.com/ucpinquiry @ucipinquiry
  • Your MP

2. Talk about it on social media,  using the #spycops and #spycopsabroad and #openthefiles #corporatespycops  – this will be  more effective if you can link to your own experience as  a campaigner,  and include photos – please link to us as well  @out_of_lives or FB  policespiesoutoflives

3. Write letters to editors of magazines and papers urging politicians to ban use the of undercover  police against environmental and social justice activists, and fully  investigate the activities of undercover police abroad

4. Plug into local and national pressure groups working for civil liberties and ask them to support this campaign.